Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'd have her babies + Photo Dump

So I went to the Rihanna concert in Tampa on Friday.
She's my girl crush.
I'd have her babies.

Anyway let the major past weekend photo dump commence.
A bunch of fun, food, and running of course.

Before hitting the road had to get my mani/pedi!
Hello big feet. 

This is not my junkie room! I promise lol.


It was such a great concert! She werked like she had rent to pay!

Jamaican breakfast! Nom Nom Nom

My love for cupcakes! Only one was mine!! Pinky promise!

Ready for the freakum dress partayyy!

We were princesses!

Bathroom mirror pic!

Ready to go. Got my pom poms!

Kisses for the medal!

I surely did that!

& I came in first place in my age division!!

Breakfast time at an all vegan food spot.
It was soooo good!
My first time really eating vegan food!

I made spaghetti sans pasta!
I used zucchini and summer squash instead :)
Was delish!

Well that was my weekend in a few snapshots!

xoxo, the coily bombshell .....
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