Monday, June 3, 2013

It's a party in my mouth. Yummy healthy protein bread!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. Except for that one hiccup where I accidentally threw away $20 in the trash compactor. Not an actual bill but $20 worth of products. I had brought some natural yeast and Xylitol sweetener. I thought I had brought the wrong sweetener so I grabbed the bag on my way out the house along with the trash I also needed to take out. When I got to the dumpster, I just threw it all in. 10 minutes later I remembered I had it in my hand also and felt like - beep -. What makes it worst, I went back to buy the Xylitol only to find out it wasn't the wrong one so I had to re buy the same one. Yup. That was the hiccup. Other than that I had a beautiful Sunday.

Watched my church on line that morning. I woke up at 9, church starts at 9 soooo yeah. Heard a great word and that set up my day for awesomeness.

I cleaned up and thanks to a great conversation with Katherine at Real Food Runner, I used baking soda and vinegar to clean instead of my normal harsh killing my body chemicals. Baking soda has some awesome uses in case you aren't aware.

Then I ended up at the park. It's always so relaxing on Sunday even though it's full of people because of the Farmer's Market. I always manage to find a nice cozy spot in the shade, of course, and chill. Yesterday I brought my big text book and managed to read some sections of my chapter. Then I did some yoga (Day 1 & 2) and just laid out for a little bit. Oh I also saw this HUGE cute turtle!

Beautiful right!! Not just my legs :)

I also got me some italian ice. Nice healthy treat if you ask me! I mean anything without high fructose corn syrup is healthy. It was yummy.

I came home to my house smelling delicious thanks to the chicken I put in the crockpot prior to going out. I picked this already seasoned chicken up from Whole Foods. I usually try to stick to chicken breast for the "lean" factor but the seasoning sounded so good I had to get it. Verdict. It was good but I can do without it from here on out.

I wanted to make some kind of healthy treat for the week and decided on Jamie Eason's Livefit approved Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bread(Click for recipe!). It is soooo yummy and best of all healthy! I definitely recommend it! It's like a party in my mouth. Make sure if you make them to wrap them up and refrigerate / freeze them because they don't have preservatives in them!

Highlight of your weekend? 
- the cinnamon swirl protein bread
Spring or Summer?
 - Hmmm Summer bc my bday but can do with the scorching heat
Rain or Snow? 
- Rain because that's all I really know lol.

xoxo, the coily bombshell

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  1. Hello lovely lady! I am loving that Italian Ice. What a perfect treat now that the weather is warming up! Happy Monday! xo Tara


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